Breathe fully and deeply in this fresh and unpolluted air.

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Listen to yourself, Listen to Nature. Through serenity.


Mani Forest Camp is a fresh and innovative concept from the  NISARG GROUP OF RESORTS. Located at a place tucked away in the lap of nature and about a hundred kilometres away from Kolhapur city, this is a perfect spot for relaxation and creative activities.

Mani Forest Camp has the essential NISARG DNA in it. A great flavour of hospitality, smooth and pleasant staff  behaviour in the company of nature – this is all that is needed. Whatever is basic is provided here. (Staying away from the ‘robotic and mechanical city style’ is also a different style)!

Ideal for groups, families and friends.

About Us

We have always marched to a different tune. Because adventure keeps us moving. Plus our years of involvement in the hospitality industry has motivated us to explore fresher avenues. We have always been searching newer ways of presenting offbeat offerings to our guests.

Today’s times have a deep yearning for serene living. Though the modern man maintains the cheerful façade, he is exhausted within. Wealth necessarily doesn’t bring health. As a matter of fact, it has always been the other way round.   

At Mani Jungle Camp, we offer you the much needed rest of body and mind. Many times, doing nothing is doing everything.   


Jungle Trek

Roam in the jungle for a wonderful experience. Enjoy the company of the birds, and animals. Listen to the sounds of various insects. Smell the fragrance of forest plants and trees. Test your stamina of walking the ups and downs of the jungle tracks. Here, your hearing and seeing reflexes will be trained and sharpened.

Guided Jungle Tour

Under the guidance of our jungle experts, you will have      a memorable experience of the jungle tour. Our native expert Mr. Subhash Kadam, is a live dictionary of jungle life. His keen observation of the minute happenings in the jungle will give you rich knowledge and heightened awareness about nature.


Sitting around the crackling fire in the peaceful atmosphere of the mornings, evenings and nights in the jungles is an experience which cannot be shared in words.  A steaming cup of tea, coffee and the smoky fragrance of the campfire will take you to a different world. The warmth of the fire will give you a soothing comfort.

A Route to Mani Forest Camp

Travelling to Mani Jungle Camp itself is THE experience. The peaceful atmosphere starts casting its magic spell the moment you approach the unbeaten road that leads to Mani Jungle Camp. As our jeep negotiates the turns in the dense jungle, you start having the real jungle feeling. You immediately start getting the glimpses of the rich animal and bird life in the forest. The seeing, the hearing starts working and the talking stops automatically.

Yoga Sessions

The Yoga sessions are provided as per demand. The company of nature always introduces us to some truths. Some of these truths are the real eye openers. Whatever our achievements, health is the foundation of them. BEING fit is always better than LOOKING fit. Our yoga experts are here to guide you in some of the essential yoga techniques.

Meditation Sessions

One of the most important qualities of nature is that nature is always IN THE PRESENT. The meditation techniques that will be taught here will tell you how to be focused on THE PRESENT MOMENT. Undisturbed in the quiet atmosphere of the forest, where you hear only the sound of your breath, you rediscover how to stay connected to your inner self, even when you are active. This combination of restfulness and action is a great way to relaxation.  


Awesome experience
Mani Forest Camp is right place to unwind, to feel the forest and its habitat. Visit to Siddha caves and the jeep tour was a mind blowing experience. A must visit place special for family and friends.
Rakesh Patankar
Dense Forest and Tent Stay
An awesome destination in the heart of the forest, away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. Very safe and beautiful. Trekking, jungle safari, night trek, bird watching and much more. Delicious food and excellent service provided. Kids enjoyed alot and are looking forward to another stay at Mani Forest Camp
Valentina Samual

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